Working On The OW51, Talking Smack

Working On The OW51, Talking Smack



The FRAME!!!

Let me set the picture for you. Ed, Rick and myself hanging out at the Moto-Werks Lab. Working on the OW51, talking smack, and I’m taking pictures….

So here we are, a perfectly good YZ250 frame, cut apart, with a YZ490 carcass of a motor bolted into it. Ed got various swingarm pivot bushings made to mock up the positioning of how this particular match up is going to happen. The project at hand is going to be making the downtubes and getting them welded up to keep the engine from being the “stressed member” of the chassis. With the swingarm bolted in and the sprocket alignment sorted, it was time to get the rear upper mounts fabbed up.

Next step, we bent up some tubing to make the downtubes. The bandsaw got alot of use here. Inf fact, I counted that there was 8 differernt very handy, very specific tools that got used here. But that is why we called Rick in on this project.

Then the welding started.

And then more welding. And after all the smart phone calculator calculations…

It was done, or at least as done as it’s going to get for the night.

So after an evening with some metal fabricating tools, we now need an exhaust. Which will, more than likely, bring us back to have some more of those metal fabricating tools pulled and fired up.

It looks like we have the tank figured out.

It’s getting closer each time………………………………………………….


The swingarm being used is from an older YZ400F. The idea was to utilize as many parts as are currently available in the YZ stockpile of take-off parts that currently take up room in either Ed’s garage or my garage. And a 1998 YZ400F swingarm is what we have to use. It turns out that the spacing used to fit the swingarm between the frame and the cases are very similiar throughout the years. But because the newer frame and swingarm utilize a larger pivot bolt, some new bushings needed to be made.

While everything was apart again, it was decided that something had to be done with the rear axle. It’s too small…. The ’98 Yamaha had a 20mm axle. The rear wheel slated to go onto this bike requires a 22mm axle. After some quality “alone time” with a mill, the 22mm axle, that is needed to use the particular wheel going on this bike, now fits.

More to come!


Okay…. I tend to take people out for a ride and I sometimes let them ride a bike or two. It’s mostly to give them a chance to experience what I and alot of you have already figured out. This supermoto thing is pretty cool and very fun to do. I have been referring to this as “wrecking” someone. I like to do this… it’s fun.

I “wrecked” Ed about about 5 years ago, maybe. Maybe it was longer ago. But in the end, he got “wrecked”. The trusty ol’ TTR230 did the trick again!! He started out with the YZ400F. Along the way, a TTR125 playbike got added to the fleet. A YZ250F got installed into the group. And then another got picked up to fix up the first. Well, then, you really can leave a bike stock, so the YZ400F got some new life breathed into it. Like I said….. “wrecked”!

I have always been a fan of the orginal “Superbikers” series from the ABC series “Wide World of Sports”. In fact, I have a 1986 KX500 that I keep telling myself that this is the year to get it done. Who knows… maybe it is this year, but that’s not where this is going. Ed has never been on a 2stroke bike. And from hanging out with me, he says “I’m gonna build one too, but better”.

Then he turns up one day with a YZ490 motor. WTH??

A YZ250 frame, a YZ490 motor, a swingarm, and a sawzall…. I kinda can’t wait to ride it!

Question or Comments… let me know. – 920-377-0232

More to come…

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