Attention Little Supermoto Riders!

Attention Little Supermoto Riders!

One thing that seems to get away on us is that we continually need to bring in new riders. Without a supply of new faces to this form of motorcycle racing, all the kids are gonna be in MX or Flattrack, or even worse…. Video games! Nothing wrong with the flattrackers and motocross riders, but lets get some kids out riding on the asphalt with us.

During the lunch break, I have 20 minutes where if you are entered in a race, and you have a son or daughter that rides, bring their bike and get them out riding. Open session of riding on the lower course for the young riders will be open to any rider with a young person in the family that wants to go out on the track with no pressure, no racing, just a fun learning session for all involved. If you need to go out with them to show them the way, do it!  Here is the layout of the track for the kids.


Let’s show them off to everyone and have a good look at the new riders coming up to ride with us soon!

We need kids like this…..

To become big kids like this….

Contact me with questions. glenn@superbikers2com Call 920-377-0232

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  1. What is the day, date and schedule of the races this weekend and when do the kids get to ride. Can my son 5 very inexperienced guy ride a TTR50 w/ knobbies? He won’t be going fast.

    1. Tom, Saturday is the Supermoto races. And your son is going to have a great time. Knobbies or not!! What are you going to ride to show him around?

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