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  1. Glen, with our yz450fx’s is their anything we need to do other than an overflow bottle and safety wire on the drain plug, filler cap, filter cover, and radiator cap to pass tech at rocker box?

    Thanks Greg and Matt

    1. Greg,
      You wouldn’t have to drill and wire the oil filter cover bolts or the radiator cap. It is good if you do as other race organizations require you to do that. If the overflow bottle that you are talking about is for coolant, then an additional one will be for the engine breather line off of the cylinder head. The big black hose that comes down the front RH side of the motor and is more than likely hidden under some belly pan underneath. And the engine coolant has to be changed out to either straight water, or a synthetic coolant like Engine Ice or something similar.
      Hope that helps! See you soon!

  2. Is the SS class for 17s and DOT rubber?

    1. Correct. And flattrack tires will be allowed too. I will get the link to the rulebook with the classes up here too.

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