Bringing "Frank JR" For The First Time

Bringing "Frank JR" For The First Time

Some years back, I had a bike that I put together from the parts pile that I had accumulated over time.  We all do it.  You have a bike, get a hot-rod part for it, and the stock piece that you replace ends up in the garage.  And it usually ends up in a box with an indefinite shelf life.

When that project came up in conversation, all kinds of names got thrown at it.  Most were not good.  But I did it anyways.  My build bike was a 2006 YZ450F that had parts from early steel framed YZ450’s up to the last of the carbureted 450’s in 2009.  Motor from an 2008, forks from the 2009, wheels from a 2007, and I think you get the idea.  But in the end, a bike that was super fun and still was the reliable bikes that most of those were.

First time at the track, that bike got named “Frankenstein” which I suppose was fitting as it came together from parts that were just sitting around.  That name got shortened to “FRANK” because that is the way we roll…. or at least it was just easy to say.

Frank has moved on to a new home.  And I don’t believe that it still has that name.  I know it looks different and in fact I know I helped the current owner change some of those parts out again.

Fast forward about 4 years.  And “FRANK JR” is here.

This time, I started with a 2001 YZ250F frame.  A mix of years to make a motor complete.

Body parts are from the early year YZ-F bikes.

Had some wheels that never got used on a different project that never saw the light of day.

In the end, some of the parts may get swapped out as I find out what works good and what doesn’t.  But, I have another bike that many people will likely get their first taste of riding supermoto at a track.

See you tomorrow!!!




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