SM Track Day at US AIR Motorsports Raceway on Aug18

SM Track Day at US AIR Motorsports Raceway on Aug18

I know that the track in Shawano is open many days each week.  And you can go up any day that is open.  But I have been stirring up some troops to go on Friday Aug 18 for the day.  As many of you know that a day at the track with 12 riders is better than a day at the track with 4 riders.  There is 12 of us planning on it right now.  Come on up.  We will be starting at 9:30 and going till 5pm.  The track will then close to set up for the next days drifting event.

Call me if you have questions or some needs…. tires, brakes, tubes, eternal motorcycle wisdom…..  Okay, maybe not that.  If I can help, just ask me.

More to come

Image by SPI Scott Pieper

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  1. Can maybe help get some new riders there too if a ride is needed.

  2. I’m a track-day rider from Minnesota, not an SB2 racer. I ride a 2015 WR450F and really want to come out for this – never been to US AIR yet, but have heard it’s phenomenal. I’d be driving out from Minneapolis on Thursday night and the back on Saturday do the ZARS moto night at DCTC. But before I commit and get a hotel etc just want to check and make sure this is open to all? Also, my bike is in good shape for track days in the fast group but wouldn’t pass tech according to your race rulebook (no safety wire, ethylene glycol coolant), does make the track day a no-go for me?

    1. Thanks for coming to the track yesterday. It was a fun day and a safe day. Hope you had a great time!

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