Proposed 2018 Supermoto Competition Classes

Proposed 2018 Supermoto Competition Classes

Although much of the classes will be unchanged I felt that I could get some feedback from everyone on the competition classes for 2018.  I believe that we are still rebuilding the group and the sport in our area, maybe it is time to tweak some of the classes as well.

Only one name change in an effort to have similar class names between race organizations.  Premier is back as the name for what was Open class.

I have some ideas about getting new riders back into supermoto in our area.  And a name change to the class that I had originally called the Sportsman class, which was later shortened to Sport, is also a class that I would expand upon and kinda call new.  Bigfoot SM (Bigfoot Supermoto in Italy) is very similar to what we had years back.  I loosened the requirements even more and actually added the 19″ wheel version of it in there too!!

Vintage SM is the next new proposal.  I would really like to get some feedback on this one.  SuperBikers2 got its name from the orginal SUPERBIKERS series from the early 1980’s.  I personally have a 1986 Kawasaki KX500 that I have recently put more effort into getting a finished version of the orginal bike that ran in that series over 30 years ago.  I know there is alot of older bikes that don’t get used enough and this is a great opportunity to ride them again, and have a great time doing it.  I like to see where it goes.  Maybe they just get put on display, but it would be huge fun to see some old open class bikes running again!!

Tell me what you think.  You can leave a reply down below towards the bottom of this page.  Or I will also have this listed on the SuperBikers2 Facebook page too.

Roadrace classes coming soon.

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  1. With more women riding, a SM Women class is another thought that has surfaced to the top alot.

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