KX250 2T Supermoto

KX250 2T Supermoto

Now that I am not in the motorcycle industry like I was for so many years prior, I have been getting to some of the projects that have been sitting for some time. Some of the bikes… I just thought were cool. Not really sure where I stand with it now, but for many of the early years, there was always a few 2-stroke powered bikes at the track. I actually have a few myself. But I never got them completely fitted to ride.

A 1993 Kawasaki KX250 that has made it’s rounds in ownership and living in various garages found it’s way to mine. This one follows some of my previous builds as I used many parts for the supermoto transformation from items that I already had stashed away.

Pictures below show the before and current look. The night I picked it up, I knew there was some issues as I could not even roll the bike. I had to cut the chain in 3 spots to get it off. After mixing up some SM parts and some build time, I still have some sorting out to do with it, but it should be fun.

I did get to this point on the bike over this past summer. But getting back onto the website has always been a slower process for me. Working on making that better in the coming days.

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